Our Services

We support a range of farms in all sectors including dairy, dairy-support, arable, horticulture and viticulture, sheep, beef, horse and deer. We work across all zones and farm intensities in Canterbury and we can help provide solutions to meet current farming good management practice requirements.

Our understanding and knowledge of farming systems combined with hands on technical knowledge of agricultural activities allow us to ensure that your farm’s success is in safe hands.

2 EnviroPlan Farm Environment Plan Audits 76px


We are certified Farm Environment Plan auditors. Our role is to understand the parameters you operate within and assess progress towards meeting good management practices.

When we meet, we want to understand how you manage the risks on your farm and apply good management practices to minimise these risks and potential effects on water quality.

We do this through a combination of discussions, reviewing records, and on farm assessment. If we identify improvements are required to meet good management practice we are able to direct you to a range of  appropriate supports. In addition to this, EnviroPlans relationships with a range of farm types is unique and allows us to share examples (in a non-identifying manner) of how farmer peers have implemented and achieved good management practice if areas for improvement are identified.

1 EnviroPlan Environmental Planning 76px


We can help you to create a Farm Environment Plan specific to your business.

Working alongside our farmers, we ensure that your plan is achievable and meets all compliance requirements.

Ongoing compliance assistance, if required, can be provided. Our goal is to find you effective functional and practical solutions to comply with requirements.


3 EnviroPlan OverSeer Nutrient Budgeting 76px


We work hard to bring you the best nutrient management advice and prepare nutrient budgets that meet the needs of individual farm requirements.

We identify all nutrient constraints for your farm or farm business to help you develop a plan for overseeing nutrient management or meeting your compliance requirements. We are also connected with associated professionals so that the best outcomes can be achieved.

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We can assist you in securing the consents required for your farming business.

We are connected with associated professionals so that the best outcomes can be achieved.

Our goal is to assist you with implementing sound environmental practices, which are also good for your farms productivity and sustainability.