About Us

We support farmers to identify the risks on their farm and appropriate strategies for managing and mitigating these risks while maintaining resilient and profitable farming businesses.

EnviroPlan experienced auditors


Our team are experienced auditors who have comprehensive knowledge and experience.

Our team audit a range of different farms in all sectors including; dairy, dairy-support, arable, horticulture and viticulture, sheep, beef, horse and deer. We work across all zones and intensities in Canterbury and we can help provide solutions to meet current farming practice standards.

The EnviroPlan team is continuously expanding their knowledge to remain current with industry developments and innovations.

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The EnviroPlan team come from rural backgrounds and understand farming.

We have the ability to relate to farmers and the environmental context they operate within

EnviroPlan work in cooperation with the Regional Council and a network of primary professionals and industry groups. It ensures that our techniques, planning, and advice are as up-to-date as possible.

“We give you the information to make better decisions for your farm.”

Why choose EnviroPlan

We care about our farmers and do our best to support them to implement good management practices to be the best growers they can.

We are well connected with associated professionals so that we can deliver the best and latest solutions to you.

We would love to collaborate.

Let’s work towards a plan that connects your farm with the most sustainable outcomes.